Artisanal Adventures

credit: Rosemary Cummins

Nourishing people, cultures and lands

Like fine, handcrafted pottery, Colibri Culinary Travel creates one-of-a-kind artisanal adventures for health conscious foodies committed to a sustainable lifestyle.

Luxury and activism?

For many, “responsible travel” conjures images of spartan campsites and sacrifice. With Colibri, you can leave your granola and backpacks behind and enjoy world class cuisine, expertly designed itineraries and stylish accommodations. Because Colibri is a boutique travel service booking small numbers of people, we can avoid high rise hotels, all-inclusive resorts and restaurants that destroy ecologies, separate travelers from locals and source food from factory farms. Instead, we hand select historic homes and seaside villas that meet standards of quality, comfort, sustainability and casual elegance.  We carefully design once-in-a-lifetime experiences that celebrate cultural traditions and preserve natural spaces. For wellness seekers, outdoor adventurers, arts and history enthusiasts, and “voluntourists”,  who share a love of food, Colibri is the go-to source for responsible culinary travel.

Risk-free dining away from home?

Because healthy, authentic food is the centerpiece of a Colibri travel experience, we offer the best in personal chef services at every meal of every day. Custom designed for discerning palettes and special dietary needs, food is served and prepared on site in carefully controlled hacienda or villa kitchens according to gluten free, allergen safe, food handling guidelines. With locally sourced, organic ingredients,  chefs don’t just accommodate gluten free, vegan, and food allergic diets– they celebrate them with rustic, beautiful food you’ll be talking about for years to come.  No risk, no disappointment, no inconvenience.

Colibri is currently offering trips to in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Suchitoto and Playa Maculis, El Salvador and planning others to destinations throughout North and South America.

Colibri offers schedules group trips throughout the year. For information on dates and group rates, click here. 

For travelers who appreciate more flexibility and independence, private trips with personal chef services, custom designed itineraries and private lodgings can be scheduled any time of the year.